Friends in Theory

by Friends in Theory

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This album was mostly written during summer and fall of 2015. All guitars are in standard tuning with capos on various tracks.

Friends in Theory loves you (○゜ε^○)


released November 11, 2016

All music written by Friends in Theory.
All lyrics by Louise Samuelsson.
Friends in Theory are:

Simon Dovhage - Drums
Louise Samuelsson - Lead Vocals
Simon Ampuero - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Erik von Campenhausen - Bass, Backing Vocals

All music mixed and mastered by André Ampuero
Special thank you's to:
Esteban Soto - without your know-how, the drums for this album would never be completed
Christopher Göthberg - recording engineer for drums and bass



all rights reserved


Friends in Theory Stockholm, Sweden

pop songs for rock kids

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Track Name: Song 2
What can I say?
What can I do?
I'm a mess through and through.
On your back
you come to
But no ones waiting for you

This time of night, is when I loved you the most.
Tongues thick with stars, in tangled sheets, we looked like art.
and I have no idea if we were, good for eachother
our demons got along too well
we crashed, we stumbled, and we fell

This is never gonna go our way
You gotta let me go
I can't be your hero

We stayed up till sunrise
like the dark couldn't touch us.
Think of that when you writhe
My arms seared to your ribs,
holding you together, you holding on.
I never fit the throne you placed me on
so before we fall to far you gotta let me go.

Please let me go
I can't be your hero
Track Name: Simply Convenient
2 AM in the backseat of your car
I'll do what you say to me in the dark
I know how it sounds, but I have a soft spot

For tired eyes and broken things
A space to fill in your sheets
So soft so sweet
But I was simply convenient

Hang me on your walls, a trick of the light
One hand on my throat and the other on my thigh
Two shapes in the dark
And outright
Nobody told me heartache looked like you

You can all go fuck yourselves
'Cause I will laugh my way to hell
I was an afterthought to you
Just sideline misery

Wherever I end up
Don't bother wishing me well
Cus I was simply convenient
Track Name: Bloom
This girls a different kind of complicated
Every moment oversaturated
She comes with bloody knuckles and a fuse
everything in oh so striking blue

She planted flowers and they grew
Just like a bruise you let her bloom

You want to be
what she wants you to be
She wears flowers in her hair
bloody petals everywhere
Every fiber tearing at the seams
She cries but looks like a fucking dream
just ike a bruise you let her bloom

You want to be,
what she wants you to be
Cracked hands you smile
but the gardens on fire
and you're burning blue

You say it's fine
but you're out of your mind
Black eyed you smile
As she plants her sweet blooms
All over you

Her hair, your jeans, your cheek, her dreams,
a galaxy across your face
Tearing petals from your heart
Calling you her work of art
Drowning in iridescent blue
Pulling weeds like back-drunk dreams

Your love, her muse, just count the wounds
she lines them up, her precious buds
they turn to blooms
You know she says she'll die without you
Torn leaves in a broken sink
The gardens dead boy stop and think
Like a bruise you let her bloom

You want to be
what she wants you to be
Bloody petals everywhere
Every fiber tearing at the seems
She cries but looks like a fucking dream
Like a bruise you let her bloom
Track Name: Fistfight
Twenty-something, in the abstract
Seemed fun but, It was all a lie
Never been this sober for long
I'm a self-made fucking distress
Caught me off guard, picking apart
My sickness of a skin-suit
I don't know anything at all
I'm a nostalgia-filled wreck

I fought too many wars, to end up like this
I'm a body of doubt, dressed up like a kiss
We were so young
The reckless and dumb
Take my hand and run
Let's run, run, run

I thought the future was alluring in the abstract
Now I find I'm at the wrong end of a fistfight
Oh, what's wrong with me?
I'm not the enemy
Blacked out, bloody hands, in a Chevrolet
Pop a pill, you know the drill, gotta get away
Survive this decade

The bar is closing up
You brush the hair from my rosy cheeks
There is no greatness here
I stumble drunk into the breach
"Bullshit", I scream into a neon dream
Break the light, in the night
I tell you I'm lost
Track Name: Wolves
I bet you've never met someone else like me
The wolves came knocking and I
I became the beast
There is no lie
No lie inside my fire
So cut the ties I'm not your prize

Girls are not just tiny things with tiny hands and broken strings
Drink from the river that runs between my lungs and taste it like a prayer
Carve your name into my bones and speak of how I wanted love
How I longed to kiss and break, your violent heart.

I close my eyes and I try to swear
Out of the street and...

I close my eyes and I try to steer
Out of the street and into the forest
You're still a joke at 23
It no longer bothers me

Shape me into what you want
Just cut away
"You're better this way"
No one said love worked like this
Burn to a crisp to keep him warm
Carve your name into my heart and tell me how I wanted this
But you never knew
The beast that grew
Inside my lungs

I am the sharp the wicked the ghastly
There is no lie inside my fire
Like a cry like a riot
I won't burn to keep you warm